Autodidactal is a made up word, but are not all words in our English Language created by man?

Autodidact:  a self-taught person.

Bold statement, gotcha.

The choice of a title is a pitfall, is it not?  Despite that some of us can remember a time before the internet, those that start in the year 2015 have a considerably reduced set of options for their website name.  For example, was owned, but not used.  Instead someone smarter than me reserved it and is selling simply the domain name for $1,600 at the time of this writing.

So we adapt.  I make statements, and you are free to choose which you believe.  That’s freedom.

As a sign of respect I have but one requirement for you.  It was taken from the pages of “Atlas Shrugged.”

“Consider the reasons which made us certain that we are right, but not the fact that we are certain.  If you are not convinced, ignore our certainty.  Don’t be tempted to substitute our judgement for your own.”

It is you who must observe, consider, and discern for yourself.  I refuse to do that for you.  But if you agree with me I will have an ally, if you disagree; competition.  I welcome both.

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